Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dysfunctional family.

We're not really dysfunctional hehe... but it can get really hectic some days.
We live in a small apartment in Brooklyn in a neighborhood close to another neighborhood which sounds better than the one we're living in - so let's just say we're in Bayridge :)

This is my husband Vasili and our 15 months old son Alexander


Alex really keeps me busy... he can be an angel one day and then monster out on me the next one - sounds like he took after me no??? :) He's a little punk, that's what he is!

My current ( stress, underline, bold on current) passion is photography and photoshop. I hope I can get good at it and it won't go to waste like all my time and $$$ spent on jewelry making last time I found my destiny. After Alex showed up ( actually it was a little more complicated than just showing up - but  that's another story ) I put my tools away and they're waiting for a better day - or ebay :) So I'll stick to photography for now. I'm a beginner in every inch. I got my Nikon D60 3 months ago and its friendship to me will take you on a little adventure and maybe make you a friend of mine as well! 

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