Thursday, March 5, 2009

The beginning of the road...

Why did I call it a bucket?? Because I have no clue where will this blog take me... I don't plan on anything and won't put any tags on it. I'll just update it following my open mind and hopefully it will find a character itself... or end up a big pile of crap :) 

Unorganized, unpredictable, unstable and absolutely lost - how is that for a good beginning?? What do I like?? Every day something else. What do I do?? One day a whole lot of stuff and next day absolutely nothing. I'm very reliable on the weather so don't even bother checking on a cold, smudgy day. If I happen to post on one of these days you might just end up seriously depressed yourself... but spring is approaching so let's stay positive huh???

 I actually happen to like beginnings very much so this is exciting for me. Whatever this will turn out to be I promise to keep it colorful, light and funny, just so we can gather enough good vibes to go about our days happy.


  1. very cool blog. love your photos.

  2. Thanks!! I missed your comment so I'm getting back now but thank you VERY much for actually reading it ;)