Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charleston suburban style.

All taken on my brothers property :)

Charleston, SC - first time visit to the south :)

My brother has been living there for 2 years now and this was my first visit. I really didn't know much about Charleston and it was a real surprise to me that it was so amazingly cozy. No tall buildings, a ton of sweet little cafes and galleries. I didn't spend as much time sightseeing as I'd like but it's been a while since I last saw my brother so I wanted to catch up on relations with him too.

We did one trip downtown and then unfortunately we had to cancel out trip to the plantations... the weather got a little stormy on us :( Next time. Also I got to see the beach which was really a great destination. It had that surfing, free vibe to it. Something everybody taking vacation should experience.... shame the sand itself was so dirty and the shore was packed with ugly trash cans.

Photography wise I didn't take a full advantage of my stay but that's fine by me. I ran into new situations where people working on the local market refused to have their pictures taken ( boy was I embarrassed). But I'm happy with the memories I captured over there.

Alex took the whole trip like a champ. He slept, ate and traveled without any trouble. I dare to say that he's a better child when away from home :) Must have taken that after me - not his couch potato father :)(with all my love for him).

Here's a little bit of Charleston from me to you :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It really is a fun job!!!

Last one just because I want to remember her like this.... all the faces we captured for portraiture where posed. Those were real :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monika - my beautiful niece!

We had a ton of fun while shooting those. I wish we had more time and that my Alex wasn't "helping us" at the shoot but I think we both did great :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Long time without a post.....

Where were we all this time? Well EVERYWHERE to be honest. All of a sudden my stay-at-home-mom life with an easy flow got on a roller coaster and I barely stay home. So I'm a stay at home mom that doesn't stay home :)

I bloom with the weather and now every single day as soon as I finish my morning coffee and Alex stops lingering over his bowl of cereals we get in the car/ on the train and we hit the road. We go to the beach/ to parks/ run crazy around sprinklers/ visit kid's action parks and museums. Sound like a great opportunity for photos huh??? Well - it's NOT. Because with all the stuff that we have to take along like towels, change of clothes snacks etc etc.... and all the cheerios that mingle together will all this stuff while I'm trying to prevent a tantrum camera is the last thing I want to carry with me. Plus if I have it on me then my thoughts are on the photos of ALex - when it's home I'm just enjoying my little monster.

So after this long and thorough explanation of our absence please accept our apology- we're just having fun :)

I have few pics from out trip to the museum of natural history in NYC

Oh yeah... and there's lots of pizza going on lately.

For the very end I'll just tell you that I have 2 very exciting trips ahead of me within next 2 months and there will be lots of photos to look at when I'm back.