Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raining... raining.... and raining some more.

Rain brings out creativity. In my case creativity usually transfers into cleaning and re-organizing forgotten corners of my apartment. Add the morning project and I think I came up with few images that represent my little home. Granted it truly NEVER gets cleaned ( by then I mean I usually leave some tasks behind ) but if I don't trip over stuff on the floor I'm happy with the work I did.

I also added a little desk that really made me happy. It's very narrow so it doesn't add to all this mess but it's big enough to fit what I need. My mac and my wacom fit - what else could I ask for??

Hopefully this will let you peek into my little world - it's nothing special but it's all about the details right? One day when I move to my big mansion with dining room and marble kitchen counter I'll think of this place with some sentiment...... ehhhh....... LOL.

Ps. Have you noticed that everything about my apt. is little accept for the BIG mess :)

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