Saturday, April 18, 2009

New shooting location.

I went to the botanical garden today and I swear that every single dslr owner was there. There were people with Canons, Nikons, Sonys, Pentaxes ... there were people with tripods and gigantic bags filled with stuff and teenagers with heavy cameras hanging on their chests.... there were lenses so long and heavy I felt tired just by looking at them.... there were people in vest and hats ( apparently you have to have these to be a professional photographer) and ladies sporting in their flippers like me :)

 One way or other it was so busy there was a lineup of people trying to get a shot of tulips and lots and LOTS of over the shoulder picks at others' equipment.I felt very intimidated and basically I just flashed my camera really quick out of my bag few times as my toddler ran for those beautiful flowers and the of course I had to pretend like I was upset that he's running into "no no" areas in the park. I just wish he was dressed better - oh well - at least I know I'll go back as soon as the weekend ends and all those camera holders will go to work/ school and I'll get some SERIOUS pictures :)

That's Alex where he's not supposed to be. Bad shirt and crappy composition but that's the best I got.


One day I'll live in a place where I'll be taking beautiful photographs while taking a walk and I'll be able to think before I choose my settings ... not where I fight the crowd just to get 5 inches of space and shoot shoot shoot asap.




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